Our tag line says it all.  “The stars at night, are big and bright….deep in the heart of Outreach.”  The “stars” are all the clients whose lives have been changed by the great work all our Outreach Ministry Partner do.  Their success stories are heartfelt and wonderful, and we want to feature them for our event.  Hopefully, you’ll sing along to that catchy tune as “deep in the heart of Texas.”

This is a themed event where the whole parish can come together in fun and fellowship to support the work these organizations do.  With some imagination, you’ll be in the Wild West for the night. It’s right in our parish hall. Y’all come with us as we gather to do what we do best...have fun while we do good work.

We even encourage you to come dressed as cowboys and cowgirls, or as anything that reminds you of the wild west, or you may come as your wonderful self. Get out your “cowpeople” hats, boots, plaid shirts, bandanas, and denim. We’re having line dancing with an instructor at the end of the evening so let’s get ready to have some fun. It’s not a late evening and will be over by 8 pm.

We’re raising funds for grants to support 15 ministries and events.                                  

We are striving to have a night that not only brings us together for a great party with a catered dinner, socializing and line dancing, but to inform you about the incredible work that these groups are doing to help better people’s lives.

All the net proceeds gathered at this event are put together and grants are sent to each of these ministries we support.  The best Outreach Committee meeting of the year is when we get to allocate all the grants to the fifteen ministries and many events that our Outreach Ministry partners do. Their work is amazing and they help those in need in so many ways.  All these worthwhile organizations are listed on the Beneficiaries page of this website and in our Outreach Ministry Partners flyer on our Saint Timothy’s church website under “Outreach.” There are live links to most of these organizations own websites if you wish to learn more about them.

History:  Our first event in 1997 was formed to help Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Grand Forks, North Dakota after a terrible flood.  We thought we would raise about $2,000, but we ended up sending them $16,340.  Since then, the Fruits of the Harvest (FOTH) fundraiser has raised a net of over $890,335 and given away much more in grants with the addition of donations and the allocation from the church budget for Outreach.  Over the past 26 years, we have given funds to over 23 beneficiaries on a local, national, and global level, and supported Outreach through our God’s Hands short term projects at St. Timothy’s.

We’re having a Roundup to put this together

This is a parish-wide event. We need your help.  It's a great way for newcomers to become involved and meet people to become part of the family that is Saint Timothy’s.  We even have a SignUpGenius Helpers Sign Up page where you can volunteer and make donations. Also, check the weekly announcements and the Tidings newsletter for upcoming news and work parties.


Singles are very welcome. Invite your friends. We have extra invitations.  Y’ALL COME!